What's "your breathe to be"?

Breathe to be empowered by your experience.

About Me

Hi, my name is Nawal Rihani and I'm known to be an easy going person. I'm pretty exceptional at reading a room, I do really well in high tension/stress situations, and I've been told I do a good job keeping the people around me steady, grounded, and focused. I enjoy listening more than I do talking most of the time, and I can still hold a good conversation. My friends say I'm compassionate and a great shoulder to lean on, which is lovely to hear because I find it fulfilling being there for people when they need support.

That being said, I started my doula journey with the goal in mind of helping people have the best birthing memory as possible when they look back on their birthing experience. My aspirations are to help you and your support system feel encouraged, safe, supported, and empowered to advocate for yourself. And in the center of all of this, I’ve learned that breathing is one of the most important things not just during your birth journey, but in life. We breathe to be calm, to be fierce, to be brave, to be patient- let me help you find "your breathe to be."

A Steady Long Island Doula