Why Hire a Doula?

From a time when the term doula was yet coined, family and friends nurtured and supported laboring people until birth and the early weeks that followed; continuously allowing them to be empowered by their strength and will power, keeping them calm and focused on their journey reminding them why it was all being done for. Now, after birth has become so medical since the 1930's, doulas are helping bring laboring people back into their natural birthing mindset and space. Doulas are not only trained to stay steady and grounded, but many carry that quality before even entering the birth space. Doulas are for everyone no matter where or how you plan to give birth, whether it's in a hospital, birth center, or home with doctors or midwives.

Some studies have shown having a doula decreases:

Fear and anxiety

The length of labor

The use of oxytocin

Requests for epidural/pain medications

And Increases the chances of:

Higher APGAR scores

Vaginal deliveries

A healthy, satisfying, and overall positive birth memory and experience