Does my insurance cover a doula?

Some do, or they may cover part of the fee, this includes medicade!

Do doulas replace the role of a partner?

Absolutely not, doulas roles are to enhance and compliment that of the partner or main support person. However, if a client only has a doula then a doula is capable or caring for the laboring person as the main support person.

What experience do you have assisting with different kinds of births? My experience is varied from hospital and birthcenter births, induced, epidural, multiples, pool, and unmedicated births. What kind of training do you have? I've been trained through DONA International What tools would you bring to a birthing? My bag usually includes, flameless candles, string lights, vomit bags, lip balm, straws, a paper fan, combs, snacks/lollipops, essential oils, a TENS unit, and a birth ball if you do not own one. How many births will you be attending to in a month? Will you have time for me? I attend 4-5 births a month, and do not book more than those so I can hold space for each client. What forms of payment do you accept? Cash, venmo, cashapp, credit card If I go into labor and give birth before you're able to get to me (a fast birth), what will happen with my fee? How long do you usually stay after I give birth? Usually an hour or until the client is moved to postpartum and I stay for the first latch if the client is planning on chest feeding.